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tattoomyhead asked: Elena, is it at all possible for you to upload some Vines/Craig interviews which have been taken off of Youtube? Anything at all would be great!


Hello! I just went through my iPod to compare what I have and what is still up on YouTube. These are the only videos I have which aren’t on YouTube anymore, and I have uploaded them at the links provided:

  • Craig and Patrick with The Music on Fly TV (I posted this the other day)
  • Interview in Japan - fucking love this interview
  • Homesick (Live) - I adore this performance so much but I have no idea where/when this is from because the original video title didn’t say, so if anyone knows and can tell me so I can edit the title, that’d be great
  • Vision Valley Era Interview - someone has reuploaded this recently but they’ve edited it a bit and dubbed it in Spanish subtitles so I thought I may as well upload the original

I will keep the other ones I have anyway, in case they get taken down eventually. 


Sincerely, I was having about five mental breakdowns. Having about two right now.

—Craig Nicholls, 2008 (via checkthemeaning)